Winter Wellness

Here we are in the depths of wonderful Wintertime.  The length of daylight is starting to increase, each day.  We have 6 new inches of fluffy fresh powder to play in. It is so important to keep your blood moving this time of year, by going for a daily walk in the woods with your pup, or a ski on our communities spectacular trails.  The view at the top of Barr Hill never disappoints!  The sun is shining today, so get outside and absorb some of that delightful Vitamin D and feel the smile growing on your face.  

Winter is also a great time to focus inward and check in on your whole self.  How are you feeling physically, spiritually, and emotionally?  Maybe taking the time to write down your personal goals for the new year will help set your intention for a fulfilling 2018.  Have you tried meditating once or twice a week, just to clear your mind?  Maybe deciding to be more gentle with yourself this year and more compassionate to those around you will bear fruits you hadn't even considered.  This is a great time to really sink into a book each evening and enjoy your relaxing time.  Take the time to cook yourself a healthy vegetable rich meal and drink lots of water and tea.

Let's pledge to increasing the gratitude and joy we feel for all the gifts in our lives.  Lets bring more laughter to those around us.  Let's focus on being the most compassionate and kind people we can be this year.  Think of who needs some help in your community.  And if it is in your skill set to help them, gather a few friends and help those in need with a project that will lighten their burden a bit.  Peace, love, and understanding can go a long way in challenging times.  Be excellent to each other!!

Catalina Fuerte